Join us Saturday July, 23 2pm for a hands-on introduction to caterpillars and butterflies with real, big caterpillars. Look, hold, touch! Look for butterflies. Ontario Naturalist, outdoor children’s educator and retired middle school science teacher Don Scallen will bring his large Saturniidae moth caterpillars, including cecropias, prometheas and lunas to show children aged 3-10. He will talk about their life cycle and how to rear them, and will give children (and caregivers!) the opportunity to hold the caterpillars and admire them up close. After his talk, he’ll take children and caregivers on a walk to look for butterflies, caterpillars and caterpillar plants. Join us for this entertaining and informative hands-on afternoon in the park.
This is the presentation that A.j. Alberti promoted for High Park. I went and liked it so much we are doing it here in Smythe too




Join us this Saturday to learn the history of the Black Creek and how urbanization has effected the park and area.

We are located at the end of the Black Creek watershed where it meets the Humber. What happens upstream along the Humber River and Black Creek directly effects us. Teaser: Please do not build on the greenbelt it will make flooding here much worse. That is not water, it is raw sewage and other highly toxic pollutants. Join this talk, learn how we got here and what we can do.








Saturday, June 11, 2022

Vivian Recollet, Anishnaabe Grandmother Waterkeeper


Cathy Blair, 2 spirit youth, fancy shawl, traditional dancer, drummer & is with First Story

Kayla Sutherland, hand drummer, ceremonial song carrier

Elisa Lobo with 3 children, Haudenossaune hand drummer

Nicole Leveck and child, Jingle Dancers